Sad Farewell to our wonderful governor and friend, Mrs Joan Hoyle


It is with great sadness that we find that our wonderful governor and long-time friend of the school, Joan Hoyle, has passed away.

Joan was a truly remarkable person; full of a real zest for life and one of the kindest and most generous people you could meet.   She dedicated her time to others in so many ways and was a tremendous and active member of Pentland school.  She knew and truly cared for the community in which she lived and worked and she will be missed greatly by so many. 

She worked tirelessly for Pentland for over 25 years in different capacities—as lunchtime organiser and for many years as Chair of Governors.   She remained a staunch advocate for the school, ensuring that the children were the centre of all decisions and that the school met every child’s needs. 

She was a huge personal support for me as Headteacher from the moment that I accepted the post at Pentland and for that she will always have my sincerest love and gratitude.  She knew and took a personal interest in every member of staff and always gave us the loveliest, all embracing hug!  We feel very blessed to have known her and honoured to have worked alongside her.

I know that you will all join with us to share our deepest condolences with her family and send them our collective thoughts and wishes at this time. 


The Role of the Governing Body

Our Governing Body meets regularly to help with strategic planning for the school.  The Governing Body is made up of people from various occupations and backgrounds, including those that live within our local community and have children within the school.  They contribute a diverse range of skills and knowledge to successfully support and lead the school's development. They do not manage the school; that is the job of the headteacher and the leadership team.  However, they do work in close partnership with the Headteacher and are responsible for setting the overall aims and objectives for the school and agreeing, monitoring and reviewing policies, targets, priorities and performance. 

There are a range of committees that Governors sit on. The main two committees are the: 

  • Resources Committee
  • Standards and Effectiveness Committee

These meet regularly throughout the year to shape decisions to feed back to the Governing Body as a whole.


Resources Committee

This committee helps to shaped and closely monitors the impact of policies relating to staffing and financial procedures. They oversee school budgets and help to guide and make major decisions about how the school's resources are used and how staffing is organised.  Alongside the Standards and Effectiveness committee, they maintain a close overview of how Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding is spent and ensure that the impact is closely monitored.

The Chair of this Committee is Mr Ashraf Mulla.

Standards and Effectiveness Committee

This committee has oversight of how the curriculum is taught within school and closely monitors how different cohorts and groups of children in school are provided for and the achievements that they make.  They consider:

  • how the national curriculum is taught.
  • how the school can encourage pupil's spiritual, moral and social development
  • how the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs

The Chair of this Committee is Mrs Kathryn Welford.

There are other committees that meet if or when needed, such as a Complaints Committee. The Chair of Governors has the power to call on available governors to make up these committees.

Governors are required to declare any Business Interests. Please click on the link below to view the Business Interest Register.

Copies of minutes of meetings are available from the school office. 

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