Week Beginning 7.2.22

Date: 7th Feb 2022 @ 2:22pm

Communication and Language

Focus Book- this week is Snow Bear- we are taking our time reading the book and discussing unfamiliar words and their meaning- such as-snuggled, tumbled, slippery, shimmery. We are also talking about the setting of the book-the artic, where it is always cold and has lots of snow! We will encourage the children towards the end of the week to recall key events from the story.

Personal and Social Education

Baby bear leaves the snow cave for the first time and goes exploring- he experiences lots of different feelings, we are encouraging the children to try and understand how baby bear felt in the story. We will discuss with the children and ask them, when they have felt happy, scared or sad. We the children to think back to when they first started in Nursery and we also link it to our feelings board in Nursery.

Encouraging the children to build new friendships with other children, just like baby bear in the story.

Physical Development

Gross motor development- negotiating space both inside and outside. Using the steps and climbing wall using alternate feet. Playing games in PE, where hop, walk on our tip-toes, do star stretches.We will also use the apparatus such as the tunnel, benches to pull ourselves along, climbing up and negotiating our way back down the apparatus safely.

Fine Motor- encouraging the children to mark make and start to write letters from their names. Draw and paint pictures using a variety of mark making media.

Encouraging the children to take off and put on their own coats on.


We are encouraging the children to start using their voices in different ways- how might baby bear talk?- with a small voice, how will big bear talk? with a loud gruff voice.

We are teaching the children how to handle books carefully and choose their own books to take home. Encouraging them to turn the pages and look at the pictures for clues and join in with the teacher, reading the book when they feel confident. We are also encouraging the children to share a book in a small group or look at it on their own.


We are making groups of numbers up to four and starting to match the groups to the numerals. Finding lots of different ways of making four- 3 and 1 more, 2 and another 2- we are doing this practically with different objects- two pairs of socks on the washing line. Two t-shirts and a pair of trousers- how many altogether? Touch counting/tagging the.

We are learning new number songs- one little bear went out to play…bear ( the bear then chooses another friend to join him)

Understanding of the world

Using our senses to examine natural materials- frozen sand, frozen water, what does it feel like, what happens when it gets warm? Discussing how we can get ice to melt, what happens to snow if the sun shines?. Encouraging the children to talk about what they can see and feel.

Expressive Arts and Design

We are exploring different materials and yarns. Talking about winter colours and then colour mixing to see if they can make different shades of blue, using powder paint to mix white paint and black paint, then making winter pictures using contrasting paper, encouraging the children to start to use more detail on the drawings and paintings.

Encourage the children to use small world characters to retell the story of Snow Bear or other familiar stories.