Week Beginning: 21st March 2022

Date: 18th Mar 2022 @ 10:33am

Week Beginning: 21st March 2022


In English we will be continuing to read the story ' Izzy Gizmo' by Pip Jones. Last week we were introduced to the  main character and made predictions about what would happen. This week we will read more of the story, and then think creatively about our own ideas for inventions. 



Year Two are continuing to learn how to select coins to make different amounts. This week, we will focus on learning how to make one amount in different ways e.g. how many different ways can we make 55p. 

Year One are learning how to order numbers to 50. Later in the week, we will be learning how to count in 2s and 5s, using resources and 100 squares to help us.



As part of our Science and Engineering focus, we will be learning about wheeled objects. We will be learning how to identify the wheels, chassis and axels on different wheeled objects e.g. a scooter, bike, suitcase or toy car.

In RE we are learning about how Christians pray, considering where, when and why this may happen. 

In Geography, we will be comparing the city of London to different cities in the world e.g. Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. We will consider the human and physical features of both.

In our assembly times, we will be learning about Spring and considering the how and why Mother's Day is celebrated.