Week Begining 3.5.22 (Eric Carle)

Date: 3rd May 2022 @ 7:55am

Eid Mubark

                                                                                                  Focus text- Aargh Spider!


Communication and Language

Talking and listening to each other about our Eid Celebrations!

We will be listening to longer stories- (with increased attention) and are able to remember much of what has happened in the story.

Use a wider range of vocabulary in a range of contexts- Singing a range of wider range of songs and nursery rhymes.

Talk about familiar class book or library books.

Personal and Social Education

Self- Regulation

Talk about their feelings using a range of words to describe how they are feeling. How the spider feels in the story? Beginning to understand how other children might be feeling.

Talk about feelings and emotions regarding Eid.


Select and use activities and resources, with help when needed.

Increasingly follow rules, understanding why they are important.

Building relationships

Become more outgoing with unfamiliar people, in the safe context of Nursery


Physical Development

Gross motor development- negotiating space both inside and outside. Using the steps and climbing wall using alternate feet. Using the parachute in the hall, take part in team games and following directions.

Fine Motor- encouraging the children to mark make and start to write letters from the name. Draw and paint pictures using a variety of mark making media.

Using one handed tools and equipment.

Encouraging the children to take off and put on their own coats on.

Literacy- Focus Book Aargh Spider

Start to develop the 5 key concepts of print

Print has meaning

We read English from left to right, from top to bottom.

Name the different parts of the book. –Focus on title, book cover front & back

revisit/recap every day.

Monday – Talking front and back cover, asking children what they already know about spiders and what they would like to find out. Why do the pictures appear to be upside down?



Say one number for each item in order in order:1,2,3,4,5

Fast recognition of up to three objects- making sets of three.


Understanding of the world


Natural World

Begin to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment- flowers in Nursery

Natural World- finding out about spiders, how we can care for them.

 Talk about what they see, continuing to use a wider vocabulary – member of arthropods family

Begin to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment- flowers in Nursery


Expressive Arts and Design

Making spiders hand prints, large spiders made out of junk modelling, weaving a large spiders web, with creatures that have been caught in the web, flies, wasps.