13/05/19 The Gruffalo

Date: 13th May 2019 @ 10:40am

Week Commencing - Monday 13th may 2019

Communication, Language and Literacy

This week we will be continuing to look at 'The Gruffalo' text. We will be talking about rhyming words and explaining to the children about alliteration. We will also be making a class story map and using puppets to help the children to retell the story.


This week we will be recapping on different aspects of maths including, doubling, halving and estimating. We will also be challenging the children to use and apply their maths skills to solve 'real life' problems in our role play garden centre. 

Physical Development

Please make sure your child's PE kit is in school everyday.

Mr Peake will be teaching the children basic PE skills every MONDAY.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This week we will be encouragng the children to work together as a team to build a habitat for the Gruffalo using the resources from our outdoor sculpture base.

Understanding the World

We will be thinking about the creatures / animals in 'The Gruffalo' and talking about their habitats.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will need all of their imaginative and creative skills to make a cave for the Gruffalo. They will need to make decisions about what items to use and where to put them. The children will also have a chance to make a Gruffalo claw or headband in the creative area.

How you can help at home...

* Why not listen to your child read their reading book outside in the sunshine?

* Help your child to practise reading and writing the tricky words on their bookmark.