The Curriculum

Curriculum Intent:

At Pentland, we want our children to be confident and independent learners, who enjoy learning new knowledge and skills and finding out about the world around them.  Within a caring and supportive school environment, the school curriculum is designed to be broad, engaging and relevant and one that is based on promoting positivity, taking on challenges and raising children’s self-esteem.

We recognise that at the heart of the learning process is the need to develop fluent and finely honed language skills. To support this, therefore, a great emphasis is placed on developing children’s language by infusing the curriculum with first hand and creative learning opportunities, designed to spark the children’s interest, stimulate talk, challenge their thinking and enhance their vocabulary development.

One of the core aims of Pentland’s curriculum is to raise aspirations; we want to instil in children a sense of personal pride in their achievements and open up possibilities now and in the future. We aim to ensure that our teaching broadens children’s understanding of different people and communities, so that they can celebrate the diversity of the world in which we live and develop a sense of respect for all. With all this in mind, the curriculum is enhanced by weaving in a variety of purposeful visits and visitors.

The innovative and creative practice offered at Pentland provides a strong foundation for learning and creates opportunities for children to work in teams and develop their social skills, both indoors and out. Imaginations are fired by placing creative arts and enrichment opportunities at the heart of teaching and learning.  Enjoyment of the curriculum promotes new ideas and understandings and the confidence to experiment, try out new things and persevere when faced with difficulties.

Throughout the curriculum is a purpose and relevance for learning, with clear and meaningful links between subjects and activities. It is carefully designed to ensure breadth and depth of coverage of the national curriculum, in a coherent and sequential manner, one which helps children to draw on past learning, all with the intention of ensuring children develop good functional and core skills, which are transferable across all subjects and will carry them successfully into the future.


Curriculum Core Drivers


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