School Dinners

We have tasty and healthy school meals cooked on site everyday by the dedicated kitchen team. 

All our children from Reception to Year 2 are entitled to the universal free school meals.  This means there is no charge for school dinners for parents.


Giving Children Choice:

We operate a coloured band system for lunchtimes in order to ensure that every child gets their first choice of main meal for school dinner.

The dinner choices will be displayed each morning in the classrooms on the interactive board. The children will be able to select their name and choose  which main meal for that day they want.  Each meal will have its own colour band that the children wear into the dinner hall. Children are helped to record their choice. Children with special dietary requirements will have their own individual menu plan which they can choose from.

The kitchen will then cook adequate of each dish to ensure that every child gets their choice of main meal. 

Just before lunchtime, the children will be given a wristband to wear and this will be ‘swapped in’ at the lunchtime service counter for their meal. 

Each day there is a different delicious dessert on offer. 


Lunchtime Organisers:

There are a number of Lunchtime Organisers on hand to help children choose a balanced meal and to provide assistance in the dinner hall

Please see the attached menu for the latest lunchtime choices.


School Dinner Menu 2023-2024:


Files to Download