School Council

In order to express their interest to be a school councillor, children at Pentland are asked to complete an application form. They are asked to express their reasons for wanting to be a school councillor and share their ideas for developing the school. 

On Wednesday 21st Septmember 2022 the children of Pentland Infant and Nursery School voted for their new school councillors by taking part in a secret ballot just like a real election. The votes were counted and the new school Council of 2022-2023 were announced during assembly.


The new School Council for Pentland Infant and Nursery School is:


Anthony Browne Class (Year One)

Oliver Jeffers (Year One/YearTwo)

AH Amar

J Noor

A Dharma

K Hyder

Nadia Shireen (Year Two)


A Imran

M Adam 


Our Responsibilities:

School Councillors are full of knowledge about our school and are representatives of the views and ideas of their classmates. They are excellent role models for the other pupils and they give suggestions about how school could be improved and think of ideas for special activities and events. 


The School Council's important work so far this academic year has included:


The School Council have helped write a "Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy", they worked really hard thinking about how we could word the policy, to enable all children to understand it.

The School Council over the last few years have worked really hard working with Kirklees Councillors and MP's on Road Safety and safer parking, unfortunately there were still issues. The Council met and thought about what they could do next, they decided to make their own "Parking Agreement", this was shared with parents at our parents evening and parents were asked to sign the agreement that they would park with consideration.

We met with the Lord Mayor of Kirklees, he asked if we could help him raise money for his charity Forget Me Not Children's Hospice, the children were happy to help and decided to hold a ballot throughout school, the winning idea was A Bake Off- with Easter related designs on the cakes and then sell them and all the proceeds will go to his charity. There will be prizes for each year group! The School Council & the Lord Mayor Councillor Masood will judge the cakes and choose a winner. It is so exciting!

Fusion food bank collection:  The school councillors have organised a food collection for fusion food bank. They wrote a letter to the parents to tell them about this important cause and suggested items that could be donated. Fusion Food Bank representatives came to talk to us all in an assembly. They were overwhelmed by the generosity of our families. Thank you.

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