Rule of Law

The importance of Laws, whether they be those that govern the class, the school, or the country, are consistently reinforced throughout regular school days, as well as when dealing with behaviour and through school assemblies.

The school has a very clear Positive Behaviour Policy, which clearly sets out our expectations in terms of positive and acceptable behaviour.  Our ‘Top Ten Behaviour Tips’ help children to understand exactly what actions they need to take to demonstrate good behaviour and to act in such a way as to maintain a happy and safe learning environment for all within school. 

The policy has a very clear and structured approach to both rewards and sanctions. These are reviewed with children on a regular basis.

The school is actively working towards the Unicef Rights Respecting School Award and as such has placed the rights of the child at the centre of all we do.  Children are taught about their own and other’s rights and their responsibility to both respect the rights of others and what they should personally do in order to help uphold these. 

Regular assemblies link our expectations for behaviour to laws which apply to both adults and children. We welcome visitors from authorities within the community, such as the Police and Fire Service, who help to reinforce these messages.