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Year 2 - Class Goldsworthy




Welcome to Class Goldsworthy!












Information about the class:


The teachers in this Year 2 class are Mrs N Umer and Mrs F Mulla.

Welcome to class Goldsworthy, it's the start of a new year and we will be keeping very busy learning about lots of different topics in all areas of the curriculum. We hope that you will work with your child to help them gain a better understanding of the topics we will be learning throughout the year.


What you need to know:


Our PE days are Monday and Friday, so please remind your child to bring their P.E kit on these days. Also, please make sure that your child has removed their ear studs on these days.

There will be a spelling test every Friday.

The children will be able to choose a homework task from the homework menu, which has already been given out to the children and stuck in their homework books. This will be seen on Mondays by the teachers. Please make sure that the children do their homework and help them to complete a task that they have chosen. 

Please look at the curriculum page if you would like more information about the year group expectations



The children will change their reading books every Monday. Please share and read the book with your child to help them gain a better understanding of the text. 

The library books will be changed on Thursdays. Please make sure that they bring their book bag every day.    






What we are learning:

Our topic for this half term is Pirates!




This half term the Children will learn about real Pirates. We will be writing pirate codes and creating posters to learn about how pirates lived in the past. We will be learning about the lives of real pirates by reading stories about them and finding out facts. We will also be using our art skills to study the appearances of famous pirates and drawing portraits of them. In Geography we will be using world maps, atlases and globes to identify the places the pirates visited in the Carribean as well as the countries, continents, and oceans of the world.





Week Beginning: 12.07 2016


This week in English we will be reading the stories  of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and The Lighthouse Keeper's Catastrophe. We will be discussing the characters of Mr and Mrs Grinling  and their cat called Hamish. We will be finding out the differences and similarities in these stories.


In Mathematics this week, we will be learning about how to work out one and two-step word problems using multiplication and division. We will be learning about symmetrical patterns using 2- D shapes and creating our own symmetrical patterns using mirrors.


In science, we will be learning about the different types of animal groups. We will name and identify animals in each group and study in detail what makes them different. 


Children will be involved in learning multi-skills and will be learning Real PE which covers all the skills involved in PE.


Outdoor Activities

Children will be collecting natural materials in order make sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. 

Some of the children from class Goldsworthy went to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the different sculptures. They were also involved in making their own sculptures from the materials at the park. This will be followed up in their artwork at school.




How you can help your child at home

· Share the reading books with your child

· Help and support your child with their homework tasks each week

· Remind your child to bring their book bags daily

· Remind your child to bring their PE kit on PE days

· Discuss what the children have been learning at school

· Practice the words for the spelling tests with your child



Special events or days:

On Friday 20th November Firefighters are coming to our school to talk about their important job as firefighters. They will talk to the children and answer any questions. Children will have the opportunity to look inside the fire engine and find out about some of the equipment used by the firefighters. 

Please note these dates in your diary for the phonic show for parents starting the week beginning 23rd November 2015.