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Year 2 - Cherry

Welcome to class Cherry!


Class Information

Welcome to Cherry Class.

We have 25 children in our class.

The teachers in our class are:

Miss Akhtar and Mrs Patel.


What you need to know:


Reading Books

Children will  have one Guided Reading lesson each week. All the children will have an opportunity to read to an adult during these sessions. Please note, that guided reading books will be changed every two weeks.  Each child has a reading diary, each week there will be new reading challenges linked to their guided reading book. Please complete the challenges with your children, as well as signing their reading diary. Children will also take home a library book each week, which they will choose from the school library area. 



Each half term a 'Homework menu' will be sent home. This will contain challenges that link to our topic . You can then select one challenge to complete per weekend. Please bring homework books back on Monday morning.



Spellings will be sent home on a weekly basis. Please practise reading and spelling these words at home as much as possible, in preparation for Spelling Quiz the following week.


Our P.E. day for this half term is Tuesday. Please ensure that your child has their P.E. kit in school on this day.

PE kit includes: a white T shirt, navy or black jogging bottoms/shorts and a pair of pumps.  







How you can help at home:

  • Support your child with completing their homework challenges, ensuring they return them on a weekly basis.
  • Practise reading and writing the weekly spellings that are sent home.
  • Prompt your child to remember their book bag and P.E kit, to encourage their independence 
  • Read every day with your child, making the experience as fun and supportive as possible. Remember to make a note in the reading diary when you have read your book together. 
  • Don't feel limited by only reading the books sent home from school; try visiting your local library as they have lots of exciting books for you to borrow!


Things you could do after reading:

  • Question your child about what they have read to ensure that they understand.
  • Ask​ your child which part of the story they liked best and why.
  • Ask your child to draw and describe their favourite character and say why they like them.
  • Close the book and ask your child to retell the story in their own words.
  • Draw a story map for the book they have been reading.
  • Practise reading the story with expression; you could act out a scene from the book.
  • In the book is factual, discuss what you have learnt from their book. Is there anything else they would like to find out? How could you research it?


Useful Websites:




Autumn 1:



Autumn 1 Overview:
What we are learning this week:

Monday 18th September 2017

English - This week we will be using ambitious vocabulary to write character descriptions of the different superheroes in the film 'The Incredibles'.  Later in the week we will read the story 'Supertato'. 


Maths - This week we will be continuing our work on place value of two-digit numbers. We will be developing our knowledge and skills on problem solving and reasoning problems. Later in the week we will be working on placing numbers on a number line. 


Topic - In our RE topic work we are thinking about the importance of prayer. We will be learning about christian's and how they pray this week. In Art we will be creating self portraits using different mediums. In Computing we will be continuing our work on creating our own superhero logo's.



Monday 11th September 2017


English - We will be using the film 'The Incredibles' during our English lessons this week. Our main focus this week will be to extend our vocabulary by using thesauruses to find alternative words with the same meaning and dictionaries to check the meaning of unfamiliar words.


Maths - In our maths lessons we will be matching written number names to digits e.g. 'sixty seven' to '67'. In our maths lessons we will be learning about place value. We will be using resources such as base 10 to work out the tens and ones in a two-digit number. We will be developing our place value vocabulary during these lessons.


Topic - In our topic work we will be creating our self portraits. We will be using mirrors to look closely at our features. We will also be looking at the features of our peers and drawing them. We will begin to use different types of media in our work.