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Year 1 - Maple



Welcome to an exciting start to the new academic year in Maple class.

Your teachers this year are Mrs Watson and Mrs Patel. Miss Hussain and Miss Tipping will be working with us sometimes in the afternoons.


What you need to know

Reading books - Reading books are changed once a week following a guided reading session. Library books are also changed once a week. Children need their book bags and reading books in school everyday.
Homework - A homework challenge sheet will be sent every half term. The children can can choose what homework they would like to do each week and then must hand in their work the following Wednesday. Homework books will then be checked and returned every Friday. 

PE -  Our P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday, though would be useful if your child had their P.E. kit in school all week. 
P.E. Kit :    Black jogging pants; leggings, shorts, white t-shirt, black pumps or trainers


This year we will be doing lots of learning in the woods and the sculpture base, so warm clothing and sturdy shoes (not sandals) would be appropriate.


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Autumn 2- Into the Forest


Autumn 2 Topic Summary

Our topic this half term is 'Into the Forest...'. We will be looking at stories that are set in the forest and learning about the different types of characters that are in traditional tales and fairy tales. We will be reading lots of interesting and exciting stories, including 'The Gruffalo', 'Room on the Broom' and 'Hansel and Gretel'. During our topic work we will be learning about the environment around us and will be thinking about the seasonal changes that occur in Autumn. We will also be learning about different types of weather and will be developing our skills as weather presenters. During our history and RE lessons we will be finding out about different festivals and celebrations. We will be exploring how different events such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas are celebrated.

Week beginning 20th November 2017


This week we are continuing to look at the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson.  We will write instruction texts for  magic spells to make a broom, focusing on the use of adjectives and conjunctions like ‘and’, ‘so’, and ‘because’.


This week in maths we are moving on to measuring the mass of different objects. We will use a range of standard and non standard measures to find the heaviest and lightest of a group and to order objects by mass.


As we are now fully in the midst of Autumn, we will start to look at weather and the seasons. We will learn to identify and name different types of weather. This week we will be completing simple weather record in preparation for a more detailed record next week using some of the measures we have been working on this half term.

Later in the week we will design a mud monster and use this as a way of learning about different materials.

Autumn 2 week 3

Thank for returning your homework books last week, it is lovely to see all the things you have been doing at home together.


This week we will be continuing our study of books by Julia Donaldson by reading ‘Room on the Broom’.

There are some free games you can play on this website:




We will be extending our work on adjectives as we learn to take on the character of the cat and role play being interviewed about our adventures.



In maths this week we are learning how to measure accurately and compare items for length, width and circumference using a range of non-standard measures like cubes, handspans and steps.

We will compare using words like ‘longest, shortest, widest, narrowest, greatest and least’ and ‘longer than, shorter than’.



We are going to explore the woods using a range of senses on our Autumn sensory walk, thinking about what we can hear, smell and feel as well as see.

Autumn 2- Week 1

Week Commencing: 31st October 2017


English- This week we are reading the new story of 'The Gruffalo'! We will be acting out the story and sequencing the key events in the story. We are continuing to focus on using full stops and capital letters in our writing.


Maths - We will be learning how to take away or subtract two numbers. We will be using resources and number lines to help develop our calculation skills. We will also be learning how to record calculations using the symbols - and = (e.g. 5 - 2 = 3).


Topic - In science we are learning about Autumn and how this affects the plants and the weather. We are also learning about different festivals that can take place during autumn, such as Bonfire Night. We will be creating autumn pictures during our art lessons.


Design Technology -  On Thursday we will be learning how to prepare and cook a Gruffalo crumble that we can take home and share with our families.



Week beginning 2nd October 2017



This week we will continue to base our work around the story of 'Whatever Next'. We will be making changes to the story and planning a new version. Our focus in writing will be spelling common words correctly (see last week's homework) and using capital letters and fulls stops for sentences. We will need to remember to sound out words to help us spell and to leave spaces between words as we write them.


In mathematics we are looking at different ways of showing addition. We will be using cubes, number lines and number grids. Sometimes we will be counting on in out heads. All week we will be talking about what we know and how we can check our answers to prove they are right.


This week we will be looking at healthy options for a picnic lunch in space. We will continue our art and design project on creating life sized alien paintings a a group. When these are finished we will take pictures using the iPads and create names for our new alien friends.

Week beginning 25th September 2017



This week we will be starting to look at the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. In this story the bear goes to space in a rocket he has built himself. We will be using this story to help us to apply our phonic knowledge and skills  to decode words. We will improve our comprehension by discussing word meanings, linking new meanings to those already known and improve our writing by learning to write  sentences using a capital letter and a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark.



In mathematics we will continue to learn about sequences in number and to explain what we think comes next, giving reasons why we know this to be true.

We will begin to compare numbers using mathematical symbols.

Throughout the week the main focus will be on explaining how we know a fact to be true and explaining how we know if it is incorrect.


In our topic work this week we will be using computers to label body parts, learning how to log on and save our work. We will continue to learn about the history of space flight and the famous astronauts who have been working on the International Space Station.

In music we will be focusing on keeping a regular pulse and listening to different types of music (this week it's rap)


Our Topic this half term is Space Explorers

Week beginning 11th September



We will be watching a short film based on the story The Way Back Home. This is about a small child who makes a rocket and flies to the moon. There he meets an alien who has crashed onto the surface. They become friends and help each other to get back to their respective homes.

We will be using our knowledge of phonics to invent alien names, we will be describing different planets and the aliens we might meet on them.



Our focus this week will be reading writing and ordering numbers to 20, reasoning about number and predicting the next number in a sequence.


Topic work

We will be using our knowledge of shapes to help us design and construct a model spaceship. We will be learning about famous astronauts, especially Peggy Whitson who recently became the oldest female to go into space and the Nasa astronaut who has been in space for longer than any other.