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Visit from a science boffin

At Pentlands we were visited by Harry the science boffin. He came  to school to work with the children and show them lots of fascinating scientific experiments.  We started with a fun assembly where we were introduced to our special guest Harry and learnt lots of science facts. Harry then worked with each year group showing them different experiments and explaining how they worked. The children had fun watching the effects of dry ice being added to water and were excited to see the smoke cloud it created spread around them as they sat.  The children got to see bubbles erupt high into the air, discovered how to make their own slime and found out what  soaks up liquids inside a baby's nappy. The children really enjoyed their visit with Harry and kept talking about what they'd seen back at class. At the end of the day the children came back together to watch a rocket launch on the field. They were told how it would work and were excited to see how high it would go into the sky.


During this week the children had their own exciting class experiment to take part in. They were told their problem and had to find a scientific way to work it out. They wrote, drew and talked about their experiments and shared their findings in assembly with the rest of the school.