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Reception - Da Vinci Class

Welcome to class Da Vinci


Information about the class

We are a reception class. There are 25 children in our class and our teachers are Miss Duncan and Mrs Lunat.


What you need to know


  • Reading books and library books- Children will change their reading book and library book in school once per week. Please ensure that they have their book bags in school everyday. 
  • Homework- Homework is sent home once per week on a Friday and will be sent home in green homework books. Homework books should be handed in to Mrs Lunat or Miss Duncan on a Monday morning. 
  • PE- Our PE lessons are on Wednesday afternoons- This term we are very lucky to be working with Mrs Gerrard, who is a specialist gymnastics teacher.
  • After school clubs- Different clubs run every half term. Please look out for a letter at the start of each half term and then return the slip to school if you would like to apply for a place for your child. 
  • Home reading- Please try and read with your child at home as often as possible. It has such a positive impact on their reading skills and confidence. Your child will have a reading diary in their book bag. Miss Duncan or Mrs Lunat will write a comment in the diary when they have read with your child in school. This will help you to know what we have been practising so that you can continue to work on this at home. It would be very useful if you could also write a comment in the diary when you have read with your child at home so that we know what support they have had and also help us to build on what they have already done. 

Week Commencing 27th June 2016

What we are learning this week...


Literacy- In literacy this week we will be continuing our topic on 'Under the Sea' and we will be using non-fiction books to find out more information about some of the sea creatures that we read about in 'Billy's Bucket'. We will learn about the features of non-fiction books and we will use a contents page to help us to find something within the book. We will practise writing labels, lists and we will reserach, draw and write information about a sea creature of our choice. 


Maths- In mathematics this week we are continuing to practise finding half of a number by sharing objects into two equal groups. We will be doing this practically with objects and in different contexts to help us to use and apply these skills in everyday situations. 


Understanding the World- We will be developing our understanding of the world through researching and finding out about creatures that live under the sea. We will also be exploring wet and dry and observing the changes that happen to an object or material when water is added to it. 


Expressive Arts and Design- This week we are going to design Scuba Diver costumes for the Bee Bots and creating an under water world bee bot mat for them to travel around to meet all of the sea creatures that we are learning about. 


In Technology- In technology we will be learning about programming the beebots and learning about directional langauge. We will input commands to make the beebots visit all the different sea creatures on our under water world map. 


In PSED- We are going to be working being confident when thinking of, sharing and using our own ideas. We will learn about the importance of listening to each other and using other peoples suggestions as a stimulus to help generate our own ideas. 


How you can help at home


  • Support your child to complete their homework each week and ensure that it is handed in to Miss Duncan or Mrs Lunat on a Monday
  • Practise reading at home with your child everyday
  • Remind your child to bring their book bag to school everyday
  • Ask your child questions about what they have been learning in school and practise more of this at home wherever possible (please ask Miss Duncan or Mrs Lunat for ideas)

Special events and dates for your diary


Monday 18th April 2016- Whole school internet safety assembly for parents performed by the children  



Monday 25th April 2016-  The 'Science Boffins' will be visiting school and doing some fun hands-on experiments with the children to launch science week 



Friday 6th May 2016- Reception class trip (letters to be sent out nearer the time) 



Monday 25th April 2016- Living eggs arrive in school watch out for them hatching! 



Here are some photos of what we have been learning this week...