The Living Egg Project

On Monday 15th March we welcomed into school the Living Egg Project who, delivered 10 chick eggs for our school to hatch, an incubator and a brooder box complete with feed and bedding. The chicks will stay with us for the next 2 weeks. All 10 chicks have already been re-homed and will leave Pentlands for their new home on Friday 26th March.

Our fabulous reception teachers set up a webcam so all the children could watch the chicks hatch live form their classrooms and we were lucky that all 10 chicks had hatched by Wednesday 17th. The chicks needed to stay in the incubator until their feathers had dried and then they were moved in groups to the brooder box. In here we placed bedding, food and water and a light bulb for heat. Once the chicks leave us they will need to remain in a brooder box for the next 5 weeks. We were told by the Living Egg Project that the male chicks would be yellow and the female chicks would be brown. How many of each can you see ? (use the photos below to help).

Over the second week of having the chicks each class will get a special visit form the chicks. They will be able to see them move around and play with each other, feed them and watch how they interact with their surroundings. Unfortunately due to current restrictions this year the children will not be able to hold the chicks as they have done in previous years. Over this week we hope to learn alot about chicks and hens through various in class projects and activities. Please ask your children what they have learnt and enjoyed about the chicks visit.


The chicks have left to go to their new homes. The children and staff have really enjoyed having them in school and learning lots of new facts and information about them. We look forward to having some more eggs to hatch in the future.

Look at the photos below and compare how the chicks looked when they first hatched and how they looked when they were ready to leave us.



See below for photo updates of the chicks progress and development here at Pentlands (click on the photo to make them bigger)