At Pentland we encourage the children to read as much as possible.

The children have access to books in class and a dedicated library area in  school where they can sit and read a book.

The library is filled with many fiction and non-fiction books for the children to enjoy. There are many interesting non-fiction topics for the children to access in the library including sports, history and science, which the children can take home and learn lots of new and exciting facts.  The library also has many story books (fiction) for the children to take home and read. These include traditional tales like the Enormous Turnip to stories which they have been learning about and enjoying in class.

The library has many wonderful books by brilliant authors and the children love to discover new books by authors they have previously read and enjoyed.

At school we were lucky enough to be visited by the children's author Trish Cooke who came and read some of her books to all the children. The children were really excited by the visit and had many questions to ask our special guest.  

Books by Trish Cooke are available in the library for the children to take home.



Key Stage 1

The children in Key Stage 1 are able to access the library in the shared area where they have the opportunity to sit and enjoy a varied range of books of their choice. 

Once a week each class will go to the library where each child can choose a book to can take home and enjoy with their family.


Early Years

The children in Early Years have access to their very own library.

Nursery children change their library books twice a week.

Reception children will soon be starting to make visits to the library where they can choose and change their library books once a week.

In Key stage 1 and reception the children are able to take home a guided reading book which is chosen by the class teacher and directed towards each child’s individual reading level.

If your child has enjoyed a book and would like to review it please download and fill out the sheet and return it to school.

Reading at Pentland

Reading with your child is vital. Research shows that it's the single most important thing you can do to help your child's education. It's best to read little and often, so try to put aside some time for it every day and write a comment in your child's reading record.




It is important that the Reading Record reflects your child's reading at home . Regular comments from you, linked to the questions below will help to show us how your child’s reading is developing. The following list  offers suggestions that might be useful . It is very important to remember that the enjoyment factor is always worth commenting on. Parents are not expected to comment on each of the following areas after each reading session! Please feel free to use your heritage language and a smiley face would be fine sometimes!!


Here are some ideas for you-

• How enthusiastic is the child about the choice of book?

Salma enjoyed this book as she loves to read about dragons.


• Can the child remember the story so far?

Firdous was able to tell me the story.


• Is the child reading using only the pictures for clues?

Hassan used the pictures well to retell the story.He is not yet looking at the words.


• Does your child understand that the words they are reading mean


Adam was able to correct himself when he made a mistake.


• Can the child read words out of context e.g. when you point to a word

without reading the whole sentence?

Nabiha can read lots of words on sight like   the, to


• Is the child confident to attempt new words?

Mohammed is having a good go at reading new words.


• What reading strategies is your child using e.g. sounds, use of the

picture, use of the context?

Ammarah is using her sounds well to help her read. She is making some errors but they make sense!


• Can the child follow the text without using a finger or marker?

Henry is able to follow the words with his finger.


• Is there a pattern to the mistakes your child is making e.g. words ending

in "ed" or starting in "sh"?

Sara is getting mixed up with sh and ch.


• Does the child recognise mistakes and self correct?

Haroon is starting to know when he has read the wrong word.


• Is the child recognising many key words?

Adnam can read    I , a , in


• Is the child aware of punctuation?

Bilal is stopping at a full stop now!


• Is the child reading with expression?

Beatrice changed her voice for  Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear.


• How long is the child able to sustain reading?

Gabriel is now able to read a whole chapter and tell me what happened.


If you have any questions, please come and see your child’s class teacher, Mrs Coates –Mohammed or Mrs Rushby.

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