Curriculum Maps


Teachers in each year group plan carefully to ensure that the children at Pentland enjoy and benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum.  Planning ensures clear links are made where possible across curriculum subjects to help the children to develop and apply their skills in a range of ways.  At various points of the year, 'wow' or enrichment activities are planned to bring the learning alive and allow the children to have a first hand experience of an aspect of learning that they are focusing on at that particular time.

Please take a look at the Curriculum Maps below to find details of what the children in each year group will be studying over the current academic year. 


Medium Term Planning

Medium term Planning details what teaching and learning will focus on for the next few weeks and outline the expected outcomes for children.


Long Term Planning

Please see the documents below to discover what each year group will be learning this year.

(these are subject to change due to restrictions during lockdown and home school learning).

Files to Download