Emotional Well Being


We understand how hard it has been on families to cope with the stress associated with this difficult time.

We have put together some resources and services which might help you and your family to cope and seek help if you  are struggling or you know someone who is finding it hard. 

Please look through the resources on the drop down menu attached to this heading.

List of the drop down menu

Self-help Advice - gives lots of information and resources on how to manage your emotional well being during this time.

Coronavirus Support -  gives you advice about what to tell your children about the Coronavirus (COVID 19) in a child friendly way.

Outside Agencies  - A list of useful, services, acengies and resources you might find helpful during this time.


Please feel free to contact school if you are struggling, need help or just need to talk. we are always here.


Should you need any contact with us, there will be three phone numbers that you can call during the hours of 10am and 12 noon and 3pm to 5pm (Monday to Friday).  Should one not be available, please call one of the other available lines. These lines will open on Monday 23rd March 2020.


Mrs Coates-Mohammed: 07922 842841


Mrs Barker: 07922 842843


Mrs Valli: 07514 386316


We have also set up a dedicated email address: support@pentlandinf.co.uk

This will be monitored on a daily basis.