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Owl Visitors

Nursery Owl Experience -  Wednesday 26th November 2014 


The nursery children had the story 'The Owl Babies' truly brought to life for them on Wednesday 26th November with a visit from the 'Wise Owl' man into school.  He brought a selection of owls for the children to observe.  The children all sat beautifully and listened intently to all the interesting facts that he told them about the birds. They were even brave enough to hold one of the owls! Miss Shareef was brave too.  She wore the special glove for the owl to land on as it swooped across the hall, above the heads of all the children.  


The children have done some fabulous owl pictures and activities following the visit.  They all had exciting things to tell us about the experience.  If you are in school, take a look at the display outside the EYFS unit to see their pictures and comments.