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Shape songs you can sing with your children

Welcome to Class Ash!


We are the morning nursery class. The teachers in Ash class are Mrs Richardson, Miss Shaikh, Miss Hussain and Mrs Asmal.

We hope you have had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to welcoming some of you back to nursery and can not wait to meet our new starters! Our class page will be updated regularly so please visit our page often so you are kept up to date with important information and dates for your diary. Of course you are more than welcome to speak to any member of the nursery staff if you have any questions or concerns you would like to address. 


Some Infomation

Our nursery session starts at 8:45 and finishes at 11:45.  

All children will be offered milk and a piece of fruit for their snack. Please inform a member of staff if your child has an allergy or food intolerance. 

Most of the learning in nursery is through play where your child will have many opportunities to explore a variety of different activities. Creative activities and outdoor learning are popular with many young children and it is likely that your child will occasionally get wet or dirty clothing. Please could you pack a change of clothing so we can ensure your child stays comfortable during the rest of the nursery session. Thank you for your support! smiley


What you need to know:


Please help your child to remember their book bags everyday. We will change books twice throughout the week.

Special Events or Days:





What we are learning:


Spring 2

Week commencing 12th March 2018

This week we will be continuing to learn about the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'. We will be retelling the story using the actions that we have learnt. We will be using different props to try and help us to sequence the story and some of us will be having a go at drawing our own story maps.


As this week is science week, we will be using this opportunity to plant some seeds. We will carry out an experiment to find out the best materials to use before we all have a go at planting our own cress seeds on Thursday. Please help to develop your child's understanding by asking them what they did and what is happening to their seeds.


In maths we will be developing the children's understanding of size and their ability to use size related vocabulary. Please encourage your child to use language such as big, small, medium, smallest, biggest.


Spring 1


Week commencing 29.01.2018

We have elves in the nursery!

Your children have been very excited finding elf objects around the nursery and receiving letters from the elves (who have been quite shy to make an appearance!) Last week two of our children drew a picture, wrote their name and put their drawings in envelopes for the elves. Later in the day they got a letter back! They were very surprised and pleased. Please encourage your child to draw for the elves, and hopefully they will send one back smiley

In maths we will be focusing on number work. We will be comparing two groups of objects, and saying when they have the same number.

We will be continuing to read and talk about the story "The Elves and the Shoemaker". This week we will be focusing on different questions about the story, encouraging your children to use their spoken language and develop their comprehensive skills. 


Week commencing 15th January 2018

In maths we will be revisiting positional language, encouraging the children to use the correct vocabulary to describe where an object is (under, next to, on, in etc). You could play a game at home with your child using a box and an object, and describing where the object is!

The boys and girls in Class Ash are convinced that the small wooden door is for a mouse. We have been drawing some mouse pictures and placing these around the door to make the mouse feel more at home! The children will receive another surprise this week where they will have to work together to rescue somebody trapped in ice! All will be revealed later in the week...

Please could you talk to your child about water and ice and how they can be changed. This will greatly support your child's learning this week. 


Thank you for your continued support.


Class Ash Team


Week commencing 8th January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back to nursery to all of our lovely children and parents. We hope you have all had a thoroughly relaxing and lovely Christmas holidays and are ready for 2018!


This term we will be learning about the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. The children may discover something magical and mysterious in our nursery and will have to use their imaginations to decide what it could be...


This week we will be talking about what we did in the holidays, encouraging the children to speak in full sentences. Your children will also be mark making their holiday experiences. 

In maths, the children will be practising their counting skills and beginning to recognise numerals. As the new year has alread begun, we will be completing a days of the week chart on a daily basis. 


Class Ash Team smiley


Autumn 2

Week commencing 27th November 2017

Thank you to some of the children and their parents who have been bringing in pieces of work from home or emailing them to the 2Simple emailed observations. It is lovely to see what the children are busy with at home and how you can help them with their learning. Well done!

This week we will be focusing on phonics activities. Some of the children will be playing sound bingo! They will be listening to environmental sounds (doors shutting, footsteps, claps etc) and instrumental sounds. They will have to use their listening skills to determine which sound matches the correct picture. Other children will be listening to 'robot-talk' (words that are broken up for example c-a-t) and practising their oral blending skills. 

In maths we are having a number focus this week. We will be continuing to practise our counting skills. Some of the children will be practising counting out a number of objects from a larger group.

We are continuing to read the Three Billy Goats Gruff story and have lots of activities for your children to be enjoying. 

Thank you for your continued support :-)


Class Ash Team



Week commencing 20th November 2017

It was wonderful having an opportunity to meet with you all and have a discussion about your lovely children so thank you to everyone who came to Parent's Evening on Wednesday :-) 

We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks with our new topic "What's in the box?". 

There is a magic box in our nursery which we have to check everyday in case there is something new to discover or learn about. So far we have learned about bonfire night, Children in Need, and now we are learning the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. 

Your child will be joining in with re-telling the story along with using Makaton signs. We will hopefully try to perform our story to you soon after we have had some practise!

Our maths focus this week is to use language of size. Children will initially be identifying and sorting objects (and goats!) into small, medium sized and big. If you would like to support your child at home, you could practise size ordering everyday objects together (for example using a teaspoon, desert spoon and a wooden spoon) to see if your child can say which is small, big and medium sized. Of course feel free to use additional size vocabulary such as large, little, huge and tiny with your child. 


Please encourage your child to mark make by drawing pictures together, writing and using a variety of pencils and equipment. You can bring in your child's work which we would be happy to put up on display on our 'Art Work' wall which we will be changing this week.


As always thank you for your continued support for your child and the school.


Class Ash Team


Autumn 1

Week commencing 16th October 2017

We can not believe we are at the last week of our Autumn 1 half term! Time has flown by as we have had such a wonderful first half term with Class Ash, so a very big thank you to the children and parents for all your hard work so far! All of the children have settled into nursery so well and you should be very proud of them. smiley

This week we will be learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali (Diwali falls on Thursday 19th October 2017). The children will be learning about some of the ways that families with Hindu beliefs celebrate their special day. We will be encouraging the children to talk about some of the similarities they share when celebrating special days. Each child will be making a Diva lamp to take home with them at the end of the week. 

In maths we will be focusing on number again, with a specific emphasis on reciting numbers to ten and counting objects carefully. 

In phonics, we will be beginning to learn about the different environmental sounds we can hear and learning about 'Good Listening' skills.


Nursery will be closed for the half term holidays from Friday 20th October 3:00pm and we will welcome the children back ready for Autumn 2 on Tuesday 31st October. *School will be closed on Monday 30th October for a staff training day.*


Have a fantastic half term holiday! 


The Nursery Team 



Week commencing 9th October 2017

We have got an exciting week in nursery! We will be baking some of our very own Gingerbread Men! The children will be using this opportunity to look (and smell!) the different ingredients used to make gingerbread and discussing the changes that occur during baking. The children will be learning about following instructions/ recipes and trying to remember the method!

Each child will be able to take a gingerbread man home with them at the end of the week. Yum Yum!


Week commencing 2nd October 2017

This week our maths focus will be on shape. The children will be learning the names of some 2D shapes and taking part in a shape hunt! We will be focusing on square, triangle, circle and rectangle and looking for similarities of these shapes in the environment. If you would like to support your child with their learning at home, you could have a shape hunt of your own in your house. See if your child can find objects in the house that look like circles- clocks, plates, washing machine windows etc. Repeat with other shapes and don't forget to make it fun! You could take your own pictures and bring them into nursery to show the rest of the class!

We are continuing to familiarise ourselves with the story 'The Gingerbread Man' and have many opportunities to re-tell the story in the nursery provision. 


Week commencing 25th September 2017

This is the last week we will be having our new starters and it is very exciting to finally have all the boys and girls together. As this is the case, we are continuing to learn the story 'The Gingerbread Man' which some of the nursery children are becoming very familiar so well done Ash Class! In maths our focus will again be on touch counting and singing some number nursery rhymes. The children will be continuing to learn the rules, routines and make new friends as they settle into Class Ash.  


*Note for Parents*

Here at Pentland, we like to keep our parents as involved as possible. As some of you may be aware, your child's learning is recorded through observations and photographs of their activities in nursery. These are now carried out electronically on an app called "2Simple" and parents are given the option to receive emails of their child's observations. It is really wonderful to see how your child learns and develops throughout their time in nursery, and is a good indicator as to what you may want to do at home to further help your child. Please could you pass on your email address to a member of the nursery team, who will ensure that you are able to receive these wonderful observations capturing your child's learning. If you have already provided your email address, please check your inbox to see if you have been receiving emails. If you have any problems or queries, please speak to a member of the nursery team. Thank you!


Week commencing 18th September 2017

Last week we had a reason to celebrate! Class Ash had 100% attendance so we were given a party for a special treat! We played some party games and had a little dance before going home. Well done Class Ash! Thank you to the parents who help to keep the children's attendance up. What a super start to the year!


This week, we will be learning all about the traditional story 'The Gingerbread Man'. We will be listening to the story to familiarise ourselves with the characters and plot. We will continue to read the story and learn the Makaton signs throughout the next couple of weeks. In maths, we will be focusing on touch counting and singing some number nursery rhymes! 

The children will be continuing to learn the rules, routines and make new friends as they settle into Class Ash. 


Week beginning 11th September 2017

We will be settling your children into nursery and ensuring they are comfortable and confident as we start the new academic year.  There will be lots of engaging activities that will interest and keep your lovely children busy for the whole session! If you have any concerns about your child's transition to nursery, please contact the school and ask to speak to a member of nursery. We can not wait to meet you all!