Week Beginning 21st September


This week we will be starting to look at the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. In this story the bear goes to space in a rocket he has built himself. We will be using this story to help us to apply our phonic knowledge and skills to decode words. We will improve our comprehension by discussing word meanings, linking new meanings to those already known and improve our writing by learning to write sentences using a capital letter and a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark.


In mathematics we will continue to learn about sequences in number and to explain what we think comes next, giving reasons why we know this to be true.

We will begin to compare numbers using mathematical symbols.

Throughout the week the main focus will be on explaining how we know a fact to be true and explaining how we know if it is incorrect.


In our topic work this week we will be using computers to label body parts, learning how to log on and save our work. We will continue to learn about the history of space flight and the famous astronauts who have been working on the International Space Station.

In music we will be focusing on keeping a regular pulse and listening to different types of music (this week it's rap)