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Lowry AM

Information about Class Lowry:


We are morning Nusery. We are named after the artist Lawrence Lowry. Our teachers are Mrs Bell, Miss Hussain, Miss Shaikh and Mrs Akhalwaya. Miss Handley has joined our team whilst Mrs Bell spends time with her new baby. We start school at 8.45 and finish at 11.45.

What you need to know:


Please help your child to remember their book bags everyday. We will change books twice throughout the week.

Special Events or Days:


Nursery Trip to Ponderosa!- As part of our topic we are planning to take the children to Ponderosa Park. There will be two nursery trips on two separate days.  Your child will visit Ponderosa on either Tuesday 27th June OR Friday 30th June. Please read your letter's carefully to check which day your child will be on the trip, and when nursery will be closed. We are very excited!


Tuesday 28th February- Pancake day! We will be making pancakes in nursery and tasting different toppings. Yum Yum!


Thursday 2nd March - World Book Day- This World Book Day we will be promoting bed time stories. So, we are asking the children to come into school with their pyjamas for a fun-filled book themed day! Please feel free to bring in a special teddy to join in the bedtime story fun.

What we are learning:

Summer Term 2

We hope you have had a super half term holiday. We look forward to hearing all about the children's break and what they have been up to! This half term we are learning all about The Jungle. We are also having our nursery trip which we are very excited about. Please keep an eye out for your child's nursery trip letters. We can't wait!


Week commencing 19th June 2017

This week we will be learning about some more jungle animals and talking about we would need to be a jungle explorer. 

In maths, we will be using language to describe size, and capacity: full, half full, empty. 

On Thursday and Friday, we will be learning about getting ready for Eid! 

Please return your child's nursery trip letter to the office as soon as possible. Thank you!


Week commencing 12th June 2017

We are wanting to encourage our children to mark-make more in nursery. We will be reminding children how to hold pens and pencils correctly, and thinking about the shapes of objects that they want to draw. 

On Friday, the children will be making fruity faces to eat with the rest of the school to participate in 'The Great Get Together'. You will be receiving your child's letter this week for the nursery trip. If you lose a letter, please ask the nursery staff to find out which date your child's trip is so we can get the correct letter for you.


Week commencing 5th June 2017

This week we have been learning about different jungle animals. We are continuing to practise counting objects carefully and recognising numbers. 


Summer Term 1

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful relaxing holiday! This half term, we will be learning about 'Journeys'. We will focus on the story 'Rosie's Walk' and discuss different journeys the children have been on, or places they would like to visit. We plan to look at different types of journeys using different modes of transport, different places to visit and planning a journey. 


Week commencing 22nd May 2017

Morning nursery won an attendance award last week! Well done Morning Nursery! To celebrate we had a little treat on Friday. Thank you for doing your best to bring your children into school, you are truly fabulous and we appreciate your support. 

Please could all parents talk to their children again about being safe walking to and from school. A couple of children have been seen walking a distance away from their adults. Please remind your child to stay with you at all times on their journey to school.

This week we will be learning about different occupations and talking about what children might want to be when they are older. We will be looking at the role of a farmer, policeman, fireman and doctor as well as discussing any other job roles children can think of. This is our last week at nursery before the half term holiday. We hope you all have a lovely break!


Week commencing 15th May 2017

We are planning a little journey to our school sculpture park! We will be thinking about what we need for our journey, and making maps to ensure we don't get lost in the corridors! We are wanting to encourage mark-making and writing this week in our nursery, so we will be drawing maps, writing or drawing lists of things we may need, and drawing pictures of our time in the sculpture park! If you would like to help your child at home, you could ask them to draw you a picture of their journey to the sculpture park!

In maths we will be looking at different 2D shapes and making patterns and models. 


Week commencing 8th May 2017

The children will be learning about different journeys this week. They will be encouraged to think about places they would like to visit, and how they would like to get there. We will be learning about different transport used to get from one place to another and be able to tell others in a group if they have been on a special journey to somewhere. We would like you to talk to your children about safety in journeys. We will be talking to the children about road safety and staying with our grown-ups at all times. Please talk to your child about the importance of this at home. Thank you!


Week commencing 1st May 2017

Please remember there is no nursery on Monday as it is the Bank Holiday. We will be learning all about farms this week in nursery. We will learn about why we have farms and what we grow and keep on farms. On Thursday, children will be making their own fruit salad to eat! Yum!



Week commencing 24th April 2017

This week the children will be listening to the story 'Rosie's Walk'. You can find readings of the book on youtube as well as an animated film which I am sure the children would enjoy. 


Spring Term 2 

This half term, our learning will focus around 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We have lots of exciting activities planned and will hopefully have some living caterpillars to look after! 


Week commencing 3rd April 2017

We released our beautiful butterflies! On Monday, the nursery boys and girls had a party to celebrate releasing the butterflies. The weather was perfect for our butterflies to fly away safely. We even sang them a special song which we are sure they thoroughly enjoyed. The children have been learning about Easter and why Christians celebrate the holiday. In maths we have been practising our number recognition and careful counting skills, ready for the Easter egg hunt on Friday! Happy Easter everyone!


Week commencing 27th March 2017

Our caterpillars have been very busy building their cocoons! The nursery children are very excited about this and are busy planning a special party for when the butterflies hatch and are released! There are also some living eggs in school which nursery have been very excited about visiting! Hopefully once the chicks have hatched they can spend some time in nursery. 

The children have been very interested in learning about growth and change in different animals, and in other people. In maths, the children have been using language of size and ordering objects in size. 


Week commencing 20th March 2017

We have been learning about repeating patterns using different objects. We are also learning about healthy eating and promoting eating fruit and vegetables, as well as discussing unhealthy foods. 



Week commencing 13th March 2017

This week, we will be looking at the life cycle of a caterpillar. The nursery children will be sequencing the order of events that take place from egg to butterfly. In maths we will be continuing to learn about number recognition and counting. Please remember to bring your child's book bag to school so we can change their books. Thank you for your continued support. 


Week commencing 6th March 2017

Thank you to all the parents who attended parent meetings. It was really lovely to meet you all properly and to see the support you have for your child and the school. Please remember that you can always talk to a member of the nursery team about your child. 

This week in our maths group time, we have been learning about prepositional language. We have practised using a soft toy to place it 'in, under, behind, next to and in front of'. 

We are still learning about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and the children are becoming much more familiar with the story! 

On Monday our baby caterpillars arrived, please feel free to have a look when you bring you child into school. They are becoming bigger and fatter day by day. 

On Friday, the morning nursery children were joined by the afternoon children! It was lovely to see everybody together and we had an extra special visitor. The creature man came to school with many different animals that our children got to look, touch and even hold! There were geckos, a tarantula, snakes, a rat and a tortoise to name a few. The children were very brave and enjoyed learning about the different creatures. 



Week commencing 27th February 2017

This first week back is quite busy with Pancake Day and World Book Day, so in group times, we will be reading and listening to the story. If you would like to show your children the story at home, you can access a narrated version on youtube with this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4HI7q38VmQ 

We hope you have had a restful half term holiday and look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 


Spring Term 1

We have learned about the story 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. The children were amazing at remembering the story, using actions and sounds. At group time we made story maps of the story and some of our Nursery children even used story maps to write their own stories! Ask your child to tell you the story, we are sure you will enjoy it!



Autumn Term 2


Week commencing 12th December 

This week we have a very busy and exciting week ahead of us. We will be looking at the Christmas story and thinking about the different ways that people may celebrate Christmas. Any children that would like to watch the Headfield school choir perform on Tuesday afternoon are welcome to come to the afternoon session for that day. 


On Wednesday we will be having lots of fun at our Christmas party. 


Week commencing 5th December 

This week we will be finishing off all of the work we have been doing surrounding the story 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'. We will all be focusing on porridge and using our senses to describe what it looks, smells and feels like. We will then be cooking the porridge before tasting it. After we have tasted it we will carry out a survey to find out which members of the class like porridge and who doesn't. 


In our maths lessons we will use photographs to create a pictogram to show who liked / didn't like the porridge. We will practise our counting skills by counting how many children liked the porridge and how many didn't. We will then use words such as more and fewer to talk about who liked the porridge and who didn't. 


Week commencing 28th November

This week we will be using the different story language that we have learnt from the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears' to help us to sequence the story, using pictures and puppets to help us. We will be thinking about the different characters and using talking pegs to record the different things that the characters say throughout the story. We will be practising our drawing skills by creating our very own story maps to show what happens in the story.


In maths we will be learning all about 2d shapes and thinking about the properties that they have. We will be sorting different shapes and then going on shape hunts around school to discover the different shapes that we can see in the environment.


Week commencing 21st November

This week we will be continuing to develop our story language to help us to re-tell the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'. We will be using the role play and small world areas to help us to act out the different things that happen throughout the story.


In maths we will be continuing to practise counting to 10 in the correct order. We will be using numicon to help us to count out objects. We will also be learning to recognise the number 3, using rhymes to help us to remember.


Week commencing 14th November

This week we will be continuing learning about 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'. We will use pictures of the story to help us to talk about what is happening, focussing on using full sentences when speaking. 


As part of anti-bullying week we will be reading different stories and talking about what we can do to be a good friend and what special things that we like about our friends. 


In maths we will be practising counting to 10 from memory. We will then be counting out different quantities of objects and learning to recognise the numbers 1-5.


On Friday we will be celebrating Children in Need by taking part in our whole school jumpathon.


Week commencing 7th November

This week we will be continuing to learn all about the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'. We will be practising using makaton actions to help us to re-tell the story.  In small groups we will be accessing Pentland's Sculpture Park where we will be using the different resources available to create our own sculptures linking to the story. 


In maths we will be looking at the size of different objects, initially looking at 2 objects and thinking about which one is the biggest and which is the smallest. This will then be extended to include medium objects and the children will be practising putting the objects in size order.


Week commencing 31st October

This week we will be learning all about the festival of Diwali. We will be talking about who celebrates it and what they do to celebrate. We will then be making our very own 'Diva lamps'.


We will be introducing the story that we are going to be focussing on this half term,  'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'. We will begin to learn the makaton actions for the story which will help us to to learn to tell the story in our own words.


In maths we will be recapping on what we have learnt about 2d shapes and beginning to talk about the different shapes that we can see in the environment.


Autumn Term 1


Week commencing 17th October

This week to finish our work on 'The Gingerbread Man', we will be baking our very own gingerbread. We will explore the different ingredients and think about what they smell, look and feel like. We will be developing our speaking and listening skills by talking about what happens when we mix the different ingredients together and finally what the gingerbread men taste like when they are cooked.


We will continue to use the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' as a stimulus for counting by counting out the correct number of eyes and buttons to decorate our own gingerbread with.


Week commencing 10th October

This week we will be continuing to learn all about the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We will continue to use makaton actions to help us to re-tell the story in detail. We will also be using the puppets and puppet theatre to act out the story. The children will be able to explore the new role play and small world areas, where they will be able to use the different props to help them to re-tell the story in their own words. 


In maths we will be continuing to practise counting to 10 and work on counting out specific quantities of objects by looking at the Gingerbread Man and counting how many buttons he has.


Week commencing 3rd October

This week we will be starting to learn all about the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We will begin by introducing the children to the story along with the different makaton actions to help them to remember and join in with the words. We will be continuing to practise re-telling the story until the children are confident to begin to retell the story independently.


We will be beginning our phonics lessons in small groups by listening to the different sounds that we can hear in the environment and beginning to distinguish between these sounds.


In maths we will be learning all about 2d shapes and their properties


Week commencing 26th September

This week we will be continuing to learn about the different rules and routines that we have in our nursery. We will be playing lots of circle time games to help us to get to know each other and to practise speaking in sentences.


In maths we will be practising our counting skills by singing lots of number rhymes such as '5 Little Ducks', '5 Little Men in a flying saucer' and '5 currant buns'.


Week commencing 19th September

This week we will continue to welcome the new children that are starting in our class. We will be practising speaking in sentences to introduce ourselves to each other.


We will be thinking about 'oursleves', we will be using mirrors to help us to draw self portraits of ourselves, thinking about the different features that our faces have.


We will be looking at and identifying different 2d shapes.


Week commencing 12th September

This week we will be continuing to welcome the new children into our class. We will be carrying out lots of circle time activities to help us to get to know each other.