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We're nearly at the end of our exciting year together in Year 2.

Let's make the last few days together memorable ones!





Class Information

We are Class Hockney. We are named after the British artist David Hockney. He was born in Bradford and has many of his works on display at Salts Mill in Saltaire. They are well worth a look if you are in the vicinity.


This year your teachers are Mrs Watson, Mrs Navsarka (mornings) and Mrs Patel (afternoons). Please feel free to come and talk with us every morning from 8.50am to 9.00am. We would love to hear about what you have been doing at home; places you have been and family members you have visited.

What you need to know:


Reading Books

Reading books will be changed on a weekly basis during guided reading sessions. Children will also select books from the school library take home and read. We aim to change library books at least once a week. Please ensure that your child brings their book bag to school every day, as we encourage reading whenever possible. 



PE Days

Our P.E. days for this half term are Monday and Friday. Please ensure that your child has their  P.E. kit in school on these days (this includes a T shirt, jogging bottoms/shorts and a pair of pumps). Children must not wear any jewelry such as earrings or necklaces as this could cause them to be injured in P.E.


Homework Challenges

Each half term a 'Homework Challenge' sheet will be sent home. This will contain 6 or more challenges that link into the current topic we are studying. You can then select one challenge to complete per weekend. The majority of this work should be completed by the child, with support and guidance given from adults at home. Don't forget to bring your homework challenges back with you on Monday morning, so your work can be shared with everyone in our class! A copy of the homework challenges can always be found on the class webpage.



Spellings will also be sent home on a weekly basis. Please practise reading and spelling these words at home as much as possible, in preparation for Spelling Quiz the following week. 

How you can help at home:


• Support your child with completing their homework challenges, ensuring they return them on a weekly basis

•Practise reading and writing the weekly spellings that are sent home

•Make sure your child bring their book bag every day

•Read every day with your child, making the experience as fun and supportive as possible. Remember to make a note in the reading diary when you have read your book together.

•Read longer and more complicated books to your child

Things you could do after reading:

Question your child about what they have read to ensure that they understand.

•Ask​your child which part of the story they liked best and why.

•Ask your child to draw and describe their favourite character and say why they like them.

•Close the book and ask your child to retell the story in their own words.

•Draw a story map for the book they have been reading.

•Practise reading the story with expression; you could act out a scene from the book.

•In the book is factual, discuss what you have learnt from their book. Is there anything else they would like to find out? How could you research it?



This half-term we will be learning about the importance of rain forests around the world. We will be studying the animals plants and people who live there and learning about the importance of rain forests to global weather, food production and biological diversity.

Week beginning 10th July 2017

Well, we've had another amazing week in our class, with Father's Day lunches, transition visits to our new schools, the mixed school sports day at Headfield Junior school and the Pentland Family Picnic on Saturday.


It was lovely to see so many of you there with your families, enjoying all the great activities and sampling the delicious food. I had a great time on the chocolate fountain stall!


This week we are going to be working on a series of challenge activities. These will test our skills in English, Maths, Science, Design Technology and teamwork. There will be lots of opportunities for you to show your problem solving skills. We will be working both inside the school and outside in the woods so wear strong shoes rather than sandals. 

Week commencing: 12th June 2017

English -  This week we are going to look at a short film called Ride of Passage. In this film, a young boy who lives in the rainforest  goes on a quest to find an animal to become part of his tribal costume. Whilst on this journey, the boy begins to question the wisdom of using animals in this way, deciding to save  and release them instead. This leads on to the work we will do later this half-term on conservation  and protection of the environment.


Maths -  This week we are revising vertical addition and subtraction, using these skills to help solve missing number problems and looking at how we can use what we already know to check if our answers are reasonable. 


Topic -  We will be continuing with the rainforest work we started last week. We will be learning about rainforest habitats and will be researching the animals, plants and physical landscape features that are there. We will be using our map skills to identify where different rainforests are located in the world. We will be using our creative skills to produce different rainforest animals to display in the classroom.


 This week we will be finishing our work on pirates and beginning our new topic all about the rain forests.


We will be writing a series of instructions on how to be a pirate, using all the knowledge we acquired last half term on the life of a pirate. We will be using lots of description, bossy sentences and adverbs to make our writing more exciting to read.


This week we will be revisiting column addition and subtraction but applying it to problems involving measures.


This week we will begin to think about what we already know about rain forests and the questions we would like to ask. We will start to turn part of our classroom into a rain forest, so watch out for dangerous creatures when you enter the classroom!


Week beginning  Monday 8th May 2014

Thank you for all the wonderful homework you have been doing about pirates. I love to see the amazing models you have made at home, please keep bringing them in so that I can put them on display in class to show the other children.

Please remember to bring your P.E. kit on Monday and Tuesday as we are having our special sessions with our rugby coach.

Remember to bring your book bag every day as we may be having our guided reading sessions on different days this week and there are often additional homeworks set during the week.



We will be creating our own pirate story based on the book 'How I became a pirate'. Be ready to have lots of great ideas fr an exciting new adventure. Our focus will be using adjectives, adverbs and different sentence types to make our stories exciting to read.


In maths we will be revising some of the topics we covered earlier in the year, starting with 2D and 3D shapes and moving on to multiplication using arrays. We will start each maths lesson with our daily maths challenges so get your maths brains warmed up and ready to go!



Last week we made some fantastic pirate scenes using a sliding mechanism which we used to tell new stories and then we  designed and made pirate hats. We are getting very skillful at Design Technology and most of us have completed our D.T. passports. 

Next we need to start to think BIG! What about a pirate ship?

What will we need to collect?

How will we work together to design and build it?

Are you ready for the challenge?


Week beginning 24th April


This week we will be revisiting time; reading analogue clocks to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We will be using our knowledge of doubles and halves to solve 2 step problems and looking at ways to add and subtract two digit numbers.



We will be reading the book 'How to be a Pirate' and using this as the basis for writing an instruction text. We will be using a range of features such as: captions, bullet points, lists and grids to make our writing more interesting.



Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the important role places of worship play in the lives of religious communities. We will look at mosques around the world and centres of worship from other religions.



Week 6



This week we are concentrating on poetry. We are going to be sharing the poems we found as part of our homework and choosing which ones we like best. At the end of the week we will be reciting our favourite poems for the rest of the class.




This week in mathematics we are continuing our work on telling the time and calculating using the column method. There will be homework for the holidays to reinforce both of these areas of maths.



This week we will be learning to look after our chicks. We have real chicks in school that need to be given fresh water, food, warmth and light. We have also got a small toy chick each that we are going to have to take care of for a period of 3 weeks. We will have to keep it safe, take it outside for fresh air and teach it things. If we keep it safe, it will be invited to a special chick party during the first week back after the Easter break.

Week 3


This week in English we will be learning about different animals by studying a range of non-fiction books and by doing research on the internet using a safe search engine. Then we are going to write our own report about an animal of our choice. In our writing we are going to be focusing on using interesting adjectives and different forms of punctuation.



This week in Mathematics we will be looking at different ways to show  adding  2 digit numbers. We will be learning how to exchange 10 ones for a 10 when adding numbers like 36 and 58. 



This week we are going to be thinking about caring for our environment and linking this to the importance different religions give to their creation stories. We will be looking at common themes between religions.  

Week 2



This week in English we will be continuing to improve the way we write our sentences. We will be playing sentence games, where we have to get all the words in the right place so that it make sense. We will be sorting out words into nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs and using these to make sentences and we will be practicing using different forms of punctuation.

All of this will help to make our writing about creepy crawlies more exciting to read.



This week in Mathematics we will be continuing to learn about fractions of shapes and numbers, looking at different ways we can work out the answers.



This is a very exciting week. On Friday we will be visit by Meet a Creature. They will be bringing a collection of small animals into school for us to see ans hold. They will be explaining all about how to look after them, what they like to eat and where they are found in the wild.

Week 1



This week in english we will be working hard to perfect our writing skills by looking at the way sentences are constructed and the different types of words we use. We will be learning how to write contractions such as I've and didn't. We will be using what we have learnt about sentence types to help us write a series of commands outlining how to make pancakes.



This week in mathematics we will be revising some of our work on shapes from last half-term. We will be learning to give instructions about position and rotation and start to look at fractions of shapes and numbers.



This is a very busy week!

As well as celebrating Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes, we will also be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday by bringing our favourite bedtime stories to share with our friends and dressing up in pyjamas. Please feel free to bring your favourite teddy too so that you can read it a story in class.

Spring 1

Up, Up And Away...!

Week Commencing: 13th February 2017

English - This week we are writing a recount of our exciting trip to the Manchester Airport Visitor Center.  We will be describing the aircraft that we saw, especially Concorde which was amazing!

We will be learning the different features of a recount (e.g. time connectives, chronological order, points of view etc) and how to use these features within our writing to make it more interesting and exciting to read.


Maths- In mathematics, we are learning about data collection and statistics. We will be finding out about different methods of collecting data, such as block graphs, pictograms, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams . We will be learning how to interpret the information contained in these and how to create our own. 


Topic-  We will be learning how to program Beebots by giving accurate instructions about movement and position. We will put some of our learning about Data collection inot practice by finding out about which types of aircraft people liked best on our trip.

Week Commencing: 30th January 2017

National Storytelling Week

English - This week is  'National Storytelling Week'  so will be creating, writing and performing our own stories based on the theme of 'Journeys'. We will use the wordless book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker as a stimulus for our writing. We will be learning how to plan and structure an interesting and exciting story, using all the things we have learned about adjectives, adverbs and unusual vocabulary into practice. 


Maths- In mathematics, we are moving on to learn about 2D and 3D shapes. We will be exploring the properties of these shapes and solving problems. We will be making 3D shapes using sticks and minimarshmallows 


Topic-  We will be learning about the history of flight in preparation for our exciting school trip to Manchester Airport. We will look at how air travel has changed over time and will be creating our own timeline of different modes of transport. In Computing, we are continuing to develop our skills by saving and retrieving documents.


Please note: A Year Two trip to Manchester Airport has been arranged for Friday 10th February.  The children will get the chance to sit in part of a stationary DC10, dress up in a range of uniforms and even sit at the controls of the plane! 

 Please return your consent forms as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the Year Two Team.

Week beginning 16th January 2017



This week we are looking at the online story ‘SOAR’ (Literacy Shed). We will use it to learn about writing descriptive paragraphs about the setting and then write our own version of this wordless story.

We will be playing games to improve the details we include in sentences and using thesaurus and dictionaries to expand our word choices.



In mathematics, we are learning the value of coins, adding them to make different amounts and starting to learn about calculating change. We will use our knowledge of multiplication and division to help us.



We are learning more about the artist we are named after, David Hockney. He painted several views of the same location at Garrowby Hill so we will be basing our work on techniques he used relating to shape and pattern.



Thank you for all your hard work at home. In recognition of this, children will be getting special stickers each week for completed homework. At the end of the half-term, each child with 10 or more stickers will receive a small prize.

What we are learning this week:


Week Commencing: 3rd January 2017

Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing all the exciting homework you have been doing. Don't forget to return your book reviews to Mrs Coates- Mohammad, there will be prizes for the best ones. 


English -  This week we are reading the story of 'Old Bear' by Jane Hissey. We will read other books in the series to see how the different characters are developed.  We will be imagining how Old Bear felt when he was in the attic and writing speech using speech marks and a range of words for 'said' . We will be developing our use of adjectives and adverbs to describe the characters in the story. We will also be thinking creatively, and planning our own way to help Old Bear escape from the attic.


Maths - This week we are revisiting division. We will be looking at different ways to prove our answers are correct and linking this to the work we did last half term on multiplication using arrays.


Topic - This week we are  carrying out scientific investigations into different materials,  observing what happens when we bend, stretch, squash or twist them. We will be recording our observations and discussing our findings. We are also developing our Design Technology and team work skills by working in a group to design and make a way of rescuing Old Bear from the attic.


Please Note: Our PE days have now changed to Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure that you bring your PE kits on these days.


Week Commencing: 28th November 2016

English -  We are starting to learn about the Great Fire of London. We will be researching the events that happened and learning how to create timelines. We will be thinking about how we can describe the sights and sounds that happened during The Great Fire of London and using these as a way to improve our descriptive writing. 


Maths - We are continuing to learn about multiplication. We will be recording repeated addition calculations (e.g. 5 + 5 + 5 = 15) and learning how to make arrays. We will then start to learn how to use the multiplication symbol 'x' to record our work.


Topic - We are starting to create our dragons using papier mache. We will be using the iPads to record a presentation about our Dragon Egg. 



Week Commencing: 21st November 2016

English -  Our Dragon's egg has finally hatched! We now have a baby dragon living in our classroom. We voted on his name and decided that he will be called Dash. Our job this week is to 'train' our dragon. We will be writing recounts to explain how we are training him. We will be learning how to use different sentences types (e.g. exclamations, statements) and using different and interesting vocabulary in our writing.


Maths - We are moving on to learn about multiplication this week .We will be using objects and pictures to group items. Remember to keep practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as this will be really useful to help with your multiplication skills.


Topic - In our topic work we are examining the properties of materials. We are continuing to think about the designs of our dragons. In RE we are researching the meaning behind our names and learning how people welcome new life. 


Week beginning 7th November 2016



This week in English we will be revisiting the story of the Little Red Hen and using this as a starting point for creating our own stories. We will read the story of the Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza and thinking about what else the hen could make in our new stories.

We will also be continuing our work on instructions and writing different types of sentences. Our focus in word work will be making our writing more interesting by using a wide range of  adjectives  and adverbs


In mathematics we will continue to focus on measuring length accurately using a ruler and on comparing measures. As part of our homework we will be learning to read and write numbers as words. We will have our spelling test on these words on Friday.


This week we will be starting our work on materials by studying and describing the materials we use to make bread. We will look at the changes that happen as a result of cooking and conduct an experiment to learn about the effects of warmth and moisture on dried yeast.


Special events

This is another exciting week in Year 2. First we will be enjoying BREAD DAY. On Monday we will all be learning how to make bread rolls which we  will then sell to parents.

On Tuesday we will be meeting Trish Cooke, a famous children's author, to learn all about how she gets her ideas for stories and asking her how we can make our own stories even better.

Useful websites









New for week 7




Week beginning 17th October 2016



This week we are starting to look at a new book called ‘Sam’s Sandwich’. We will be making our own disgusting sandwich recipes and writing instructions to tell people how to make them. This will help us to learn some of the different types of sentences such as questions, statements, commands and exclamations.

We will be learning to sort words into noun, adjective, adverb and verb and we will be looking at examples of alliteration and their impact on the enjoyment of the reader.



This week in mathematics we will be starting to look at subtraction and its relationship to addition. We will be learning ways of using apparatus to support our calculations and looking at patterns in addition and subtraction. We will relate some of this learning solving problems using money.



Topic work this week will focus heavily on the three strands of health living:


A healthy diet


We will be looking at ways to ensure that we are developing in all three areas.


Please make sure that your child brings their homework book to school before the end of the week.

This week's spelling test will be on Thursday afternoon.

What we are learning this week

Harvest Festival food collection

We are collecting tinned and dried foods to help support our local community. All food collected will be donated to the Food Bank in Dewsbury and use to support families in need.


suitable types of food include:

dried pasta


tins of beans

tinned vegetables

tinned fruit






Food will be collected in a basket by the school office.


Week beginning 3rd October 2016


This week in English we are starting to read the story ‘Supertato’. In this story the Evil Pea escapes from the freezer and wreaks havoc amongst the poor unsuspecting vegetables. Luckily Supertato is on hand to save the day.

We will be developing our drama skills by acting as characters from the story and creating our own versions. We will write wanted posters for the Evil Pea.

This will help us to improve our use of descriptive language and punctuation.



In mathematics this week we are continuing our work on calculation. We will look at a range of practical ways of adding 2 digit numbers, how to show this as a diagram and ways of drawing our own blank number lines to add larger numbers together


As part of our work on harvest and how they are celebrated we will be harvesting the potatoes that the previous year 2 children planted in Spring. Then we will use these to make our own Supertato characters.


Week beginning 26th September 2016



This week we are continuing our work on calculation. We be using our knowledge of number bonds and place value in lots of different situations. We will be  going on treasure hunts outside, using the giant 100 square in the hall and playing games where we have to keep score.



In English we are going to create our own superheroes  and write character descriptions. We will design a logo using the netbooks and make models of or characters we can use to create stories.



In our topic work we will learn about the significance of Harvest Festival and contribute to a Harvest festival collection in support of a local charity. We will continue to explore the use of different media to create self- portraits, looking at the work of Andy Warhol for inspiration.

What we are learning this week:


Week beginning 12th September 2016



This week in mathematics we are looking at place value in 2 digit numbers to understand what each digit represents.  We will then use this knowledge to solve problems. We are learning to explain our thinking in maths and to look for rules which we can then apply to other problems.



Our focus this week in English is the creation of superhero characters.  This is a wonderful opportunity to expand our vocabulary, using interesting and unusual words. To check the meanings of these words we will be learning how to use dictionaries.



As part of our work on science we will be learning to name parts of the body. This will build on work done in year 1 and EYFS as we will be learning about some of the major bones in the body and key internal organs. We will learn about the different roles played by bones and muscles and how what we eat effects the way we grow and develop.

Special Events

On Tuesday 13th September we have a fabulous Eid Fun Day in school. We started with a fashion show to see all the amazing outfits that the children had got especially for Eid. After that the children took part in different creative activities, learning new skills and co-operating with children in different classes as they moved around the school.

The children were all extremely well behaved and eager to try new things.