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Family Trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Family Trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A big thank you to all the families who joined us at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Sunday 21st May.


The Children in Year 1 have been working with Duncan the musician to create some special outdoor sounds. The children learnt about the different equipment used to record sounds and how to make the sounds higher and lower by manipulating the sounds.  Duncan recorded and collected the sounds the children made to display in the hidden forest at the park.  The children then took part in a special performance to showcase what they have been doing.  Also on display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park were the fabulous been hives created by the parents and children who attended the YSP after school club. We hope the bees will like the colourful and decorative bee hives we created.  The parents and children were able to unveil their creations to the rest of the school at the park.


We were happy to see so many families on Sunday to help us celebrate the Year 1 children’s work on creating sounds and the fabulous bee hives created by the parents and children of the YSP after school club. We had a great day with many exciting activities and a chance to explore the sculptures on display at the park. The children and their families enjoyed searching for bugs, creating their own large and small sculptures and listening to the year 1 children’s sounds in the hidden forest. The Year 1 children took part in a music presentation of the work they have been doing in school with Duncan the musician and I know you would like to join us in thanking the staff at Yorkshire Sculpture Park for helping to organising and run the activities.