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Coeur de Xocolat Workshop

The children were all really excited to take part in this workshop as they were given the opportunity to taste some delicious Fairtrade chocolate!  During this workshop the children found out about all the ingredients that are used to make chocolate and discussed the process of growing coco beans in the farms in Ghana.  They discovered the journey the coco bean makes from being picked by the farmers to travelling to the factory to be made into a chocolate bar. They found this fascinating and were amazed to discover how chocolate was being produced and how Fairtrade helps the farmers to get more money from what they produce. The next part of the workshop involved the children sampling chocolate. They started by tasting a piece of dark chocolate which they described as being 'very strong' and 'nasty' as it was 75% coco. They moved on to tasting the milk chocolate which they loved. The children were shown how to taste chocolate properly to get the most flavour from it. They had to feel, smell and listen to it and finally place it on their tongue and allow it to melt. They ended the workshop with a piece of white chocolate and noticed the difference between all the chocolate they had tasted. A big thank you to Coeur De Xocolat for giving the children this fabulous experience.