Reception - Trish Cooke 2018-2019

Mrs Rushby


Class: Trish Cooke

Trish Cooke was born in Bradford and writes multicultural children's books; scripts for theatre, TV, radio and film.

She is also an actress. Last year she came to visit us here at Pentland and hopefully she may pop in again this year.

Our teachers are Mrs Rushby (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs De'Ath  (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and Mrs Lunat. There are 20 children in our class. We play and learn very closely with our friends in the other Reception class 'Class Julia Donaldson'.

We are looking forward to working together to help your children to achieve their best and have an exciting year. Learning through play will continue to be an important part of the school day. Please do not hesitate to come into school and talk to a member of our team if you any questions or concerns.

Home learning links

Here are some useful website links that you can use to help your children at home. There are sections within each of these websites aimed at Early Years/Reception children and we sometimes use them in school.


Week Commencing - Monday 16th October 2018


Communication, Language and Literacy

This week we will be introducing the children to the text 'The Giant Turnip'. We will be reading the story in English and Punjabi. We will work on comprehension and encourage the children to answer questions about what is happening and what might happen next. The children also will be coming up with and sharing their own imaginative ideas for ways of getting the turnip out of the ground.

Physical development

Our PE day is on Friday. Please leave your child's PE kit in school everyday.


The children will continue to develop their fine motor skills by using a range of finger gym activities. We will be encouraging the children to get changed into their PE kits .If you could encourage independent dressing / undressing at home it would be much appreciated.


Personal. Social and Emotional development

We will continue to focus upon our Diamond Rule of 'help' linking it to our class book. We will be asking the children how they can help their friends and teachers in school.



In mathematics the children will be developing their counting skills. We will be taking part in lots of activities and games that require careful counting. We will be counting lots of different things such as steps, claps, jumps.


Understanding the World

The children will be helping to make bread. They will be thinking about the ingredients they need and using their senses to explore how the bread mixture changes when cooking.


How you can help at home

Read your child's book with them as often as you can.

Let them help you with jobs around the house.

Help your child with their counting skills. Can they count the number of windows in your house, the number of stairs etc,.



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