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Welcome to Class Sunflower's web page. We have just started Reception and are enjoying getting to know our new classroom, teachers and friends. There are 22 children in our class and our teachers are Mrs Constantinou, Mrs Denney and Mrs Bibi. 

Please read the information below to find out about what we will be learning in Reception each week...


Week Commencing: Monday 16th September 2019


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Literacy/CLL- This week in reception we will be reading the text ‘My mum and Dad make me laugh’ by nick Sherratt. We will use this text as a basis to explore new vocabulary and words and understand what they mean. We will also be looking closely at the pictures and our aim is to discover the additional information that they convey and how this can be used to further our understanding. We will also be developing the specific skills of handling books carefully and understanding what words and pictures are. 


Maths- in the book my mum and rad make me laugh, mum likes spots and dad likes stripes, we will use this to launch our maths topic learning about pattern. We will look at patterns in a range of places. The children will learn to recognise, describe continue and create their own patterns. 


Physical Development- This week we will be teaching the children to handle our school equipment correctly and safely. We will also support them to use equipment effectively to achieve a desired effect e.g. scissors, pencils, dough tools. 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development- we will continue to focus on our topic of getting to know each other and making friends. 


Computing- the children will be taught about how to access the different ICT equipment in our classroom and will also be taught about staying safe whilst using them. They will have the opportunity to begin to use age appropriate software. 


EAD- this week we will be providing opportunities for the children to explore using different mark making equipment such as wax crayons, pastels, paints, chalks and even mark making with mud outside. We will be encouraging them to talk about and give meaning to the marks that they make. 


The children will also be using different art equipment to make their own repeating patterns. 

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