Nursery AM/All Day - Class Nettle/ Class Parsley 2020 - 2021

Ms Kamora

Nursery Teacher

The Nursery Team this year are

Miss Kamora  Nursery Teacher 

Mrs Shaikh Nursery Nurse 

Mrs Asmal Teaching Assistant

Miss Hussain HLTA (All Day Nursery)


Welcome to our class page, we are Nettle and Parsley class and we would like to give a warm welcome to our Nursery Starters! This term is all about settling in, getting to know each other and getting used to classroom routines.

Our first topic is New Beginnings and we will be learning about our emotions through our key text "The Colour Monster". We are also learning about autumn as our children are observant with the changing of the seasons. Autumn also marks the celebration of Halloween so we will be focusing on the book "Meg and Mog".

Learning through play is key to our Nursery and we are there to invoke curiosity, build on their vocabulary and follow their interests. 



In Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Curriculum. It is widely recognised the vital role that parents have in supporting their children’s learning and development. Parents need to know what to expect in relation to their child’s development through the different age bands of the EYFS.


Outdoor Learning 

In Nursery we will be exploring the outdoors in all weathers! We have a wonderful outdoor area for the young children. Please ensure your child brings a warm coat with hood and their names are written inside. 


Trekking Thursday

Each week Nursery will be attending our amazing woodlands area as part of our Trekking Thursday plan.  Here children will learn to love the outdoors, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Please ensure your child brings boots or wellies into school.


Reading Books 

Reading books will be given out on Monday and parents are expected to read the book with them. This term we have talked about book handling skills, please remind children to hold the book the correct way, turn pages one at a time and reading is from left to right. Also guide children to look at the pictures to give them some clue of what will happen throughout the book. Books should be handed back on Friday.


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