Week commencing 29th November

Date: 28th Nov 2021 @ 5:37pm

Week commencing 29th November 

We had a fabulous time meeting Steve and his owls last week. The children all asked some brilliant questions and they all learnt some new facts about the different owls that we met!

This week we are learning about the story 'Stickman'. We will be looking in detail at the front cover and using the many clues available in the picture to help us to predict what we think the story is about. We will then read the story, with a focus on identifying the different things that the stick had been used for throughout the story. We will then be using our imaginations to think of a different adventure for the stick to go on. When the children have thought of their own adventure for the stick to go on, this will then be the focus of our weekly writing.

Our maths focus for the week is the number 4. We will spend time looking at the different ways to make 4, what happens when we add one more to the number 4? What happens when we take one away from 4? We will then look at the different shapes that have 4 sides and talk about the properties of these shapes. We iwill use different resources to help us to create these shapes.