Week beginning 5th January

Date: 5th Jan 2022 @ 7:49pm

Happy New Year.jpg


This week we will be talking about what we have been doing over the holidays and writing a recount. The children will be encouraged to use the correct punctuation and add in some time connectives (first, then, next, during, finally...).

There are also some brilliant daily Year 1 / 2 phonic video lessons available on Letters and Sounds for Home and School - YouTube Feel free to ask which would be the most suitable videos for your child to watch. 



We will be talking about the New Year and learning the order of the months of the year.

The Year 1 children will be consolidating their understanding of subtraction.

The Year 2 children will be using their knowledge of number bonds to 10 to add 3 numbers.

There are also some brilliant Year 1 / 2 daily maths video lessons available on the home learning section of the White Rose Maths website. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning



In PHSE the children will be thinking about what they are good at and sharing what they would like to get even better at in 2022.


In Geography we will be learning about what happens in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.


Ways to help at home...

Ask your child if they can recite the months of the year in order. 

Go on a walk with your child, what signs of Winter can they see?