Week Beginning: 4th April 2022

Date: 1st Apr 2022 @ 3:53pm


In English we will be contining our work on Soar (SOAR: An Animated Short - Bing video). We will be looking at adjectives to describe a character's apperance but also their personality. We will be putting this together into a short narrative, retelling the story of Soar. We will also be writing a letter or diary entry towards the end of the week. 


In maths this week we will be continuing our work on fractions. We will be learning to recognise thirds, find thirds of a number and then looking at both unit fractions and non-unit fractions. Towards the end of the week we will also be doing some arithmetic to recap on what we have covered in fractions. Please visit the whiterose website https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning?year=year-2 for further clarification. 

You may also wish to download the FREE 1-minute maths app onto your devises.

It is aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils (ie, age 5-6 years). Individual one-minute tasks focus on adding and subtracting – and on ‘Subitising’, the skill of instantly recognising the number of items in a group without counting. Multiplication and division topics are also available!


In topic we will be learning about Amelia Eartheart as our significant individual. We have chicks in school this week. We will be observing the chicks and doing soem work on chicks and easter!