Week Beginning: 28th March 2022

Date: 26th Mar 2022 @ 12:33pm


In English we will be watching a short video clip. We will be writing a prediction task based on this clip. We will also be applying our learning from the last several phonics lessons on adverbs, expanded noun phrases and use of different sentence types in our writing tasks this week. We will be writing setting descriptions and character descriptions. 


In maths this week we will be moving on to fractions. We will be learning to recognise halfs and quarters then finding a half and quarters of shapes, objects and amounts. Please visit the whiterose website https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning?year=year-2 for further clarification. 

You may also wish to download the FREE 1-minute maths app onto your devises.

It is aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils (ie, age 5-6 years). Individual one-minute tasks focus on adding and subtracting – and on ‘Subitising’, the skill of instantly recognising the number of items in a group without counting. Multiplication and division topics are also available!


In history we will be learning about the lives of significant individuals in aviation. In Geography we will be continuing to compare the city of London to Kuala Lumpur. We will consider the human and physical features of both. In Religious Education we will continue to look at the special times for Muslims and Christians as we near Ramadan and Easter.


Ways to help at home...

Please ensure you are reading with your child and completing any accompanying homewoork. Also check the back of your books there are comprehension questions you can use to develop your childs comprehension skills. Furthermore, books are updated on a weekly basis on the Rising Stars website. Please do use this excellent resource you have availabel to you.