Week beginning 27th February

Date: 27th Feb 2022 @ 6:03pm

           Hello and welcome back after the holidays! 


Communication and Language

Focus Book- we would like the children to bring in their favourite book from home, as it is world book day on Thursday. The teachers will bring their favourite fairy tale in. We will talk about and listen to each other explaining about why they like the book so much!


Personal and Social Education

Self-Regulation- Begin to help to find solutions to conflicts and rivalries. For example, accepting that not everyone can be Spider-Man in the game, and suggesting other ideas.

Executive function Increasingly follow classroom routines and rules and help our friends to tidy up and keep Nursery looking good.


Develop independence within self-care routines

See themselves as part of a community

Building Relationships

Begin to share and take turns with others

Physical Development

Gross motor development- negotiating space both inside and outside. Using the steps and climbing wall using alternate feet. Playing games in PE, where we hop, walk on our tip-toes, star stretches, jump, climb. We will also play ball games and hoop games, taking turns and supporting our friends.

Fine Motor- encouraging the children to mark make and start to write letters from the name. Draw and paint pictures using a variety of mark making media.

Encouraging the children to take off and put on their own coats on.


We are wanting the children to bring in their favourite book from home or one from Nursery and explain why they like their chosen book.

We are teaching the children how to handle books carefully and choose their own books to take home. Encouraging them to turn the pages and look at the pictures for clues and join in with the teacher, when they feel confident. We are also encouraging the children to share their book in a small group or look at it on their own.


We are focusing on the one- one principle- we will encourage the children assign one number name to each object that is being counted. We are working on the story of 5 for morning children and the story of 2 for the afternoon children.

Understanding of the world

Using our senses to examine natural materials- Slime- soft, stretchy, slippery. We will be testing different toppings for pancakes on Tuesday and finding about why people celebrate Pancake day.

Begin to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment- flowers in EYFS garden


Expressive Arts and Design

Colour mixing- using primary colours- what happens when we mix the powder paints together? The teacher will model how to put the correct amount of powder paint into the palate and how much water on the brush to mix the paint and then add a different colour (red and yellow) makes orange, (blue and yellow) makes green.

We will be making our own pom pom’s, by winding wool through card- we will use these for World Book day.

We will encourage the children to continue to put more detail in their drawings and paintings.

We are going to make character masks for World Book Day.