Week beginning 24th January

Date: 24th Jan 2022 @ 11:25am


This week we are continuing with our egg adventures by reading the story 'The Egg' by M P Robertson. The children will be sequencing the story and designing their own 'Dragon Land'. We will be encouraging the children to re-read the story and look for adjectives that they can use to help them write a description for their Dragon Land setting. 

The Egg.jpg

There are also some brilliant daily Year 1 / 2 phonic video lessons available on Letters and Sounds for Home and School - YouTube Feel free to ask which would be the most suitable videos for your child to watch. 



The Year 1 children will be learning about ordering numbers and recognising and comparing groups of objects.

The Year 2 children will be recognising, making and adding equal groups. They will also be using their knowledge of grouping to write basic multiplication sentences.


There are also some brilliant Year 1 / 2 daily maths video lessons available on the home learning section of the White Rose Maths website. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning



In Geography the children will be continuing to learn about about the four countries of the United Kingdom with a particular focus on recognising the physical and human features of each country.

Exploring the UK.jpg

In Art the children will be exploring and describing different textures of materials such as bubble wrap, felt, string, plastic, corrugated cardboard, foil etc

In Music the children will be continuing with the next lesson in our Charanga music scheme and learning another new song and also having a go at accompanying it with some tuned and untuned instruments. 


Ways to help at home...

Encourage your to have a look at, feel and describe the textures of materials around your home.

Ask your child if they can sing you some of the songs they have been learning in their music sessions.