Week beginning 15th November

Date: 15th Nov 2021 @ 9:42am


This week the children will be learning all about the features of popular traditional tales. We will be focussing on the type of  language used, the characters and the different settings. The children will take part in a quiz to see if they can guess the story and characters from clues. We will then be focussing on the tradional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. We will be tetting the story and encouraging the children to retell the story and take part in some drama activities. The children will then be writing a possible conversation between two characters. The Year 1 children will be encouraged to write longer sentences using conjunctions and the Year 2 childen will be encouraged to use expanded noun phrases. 



There are also some brilliant daily Year 1 / 2 phonic video lessons available on Letters and Sounds for Home and School - YouTube Feel free to ask which would be the most suitable videos for your particular child to watch. 


In maths this week we will be continuing to work on number bonds and fact families.  


There are also some brilliant Year 1 / 2 daily maths video lessons available on the home learning section of the White Rose Maths website. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning



This week is National Anti-bullying week. We will be asking the children how tehy can be a good friend and how they can be 'kind' to others.

We will also be learning about our senses and taking part in activities related to taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight.   



On Friday it is Children in Need day, our theme for the day is bedtime stories. The children will be able to come to school in their pyjamas and enjoy a bedtime story, a biscuit and a hot chocolate. What a great way to end the week!

Ways to help at home...

Read a traditional tale with your child.

Ask your child if they can name all of the 5 senses and ask them to tell you about the activites they took part in for each one, especially the tasting activity!