Week Beginning 13th May

Date: 12th May 2019 @ 2:28pm



week 1 –

scratch    scream    screw    stretch    string    stream    shred    shriek    shrimp    splash    splinter    splodge

week 2-

station   fiction    motion      action  caption   injection 

week 3 - 

tree   true   tricked   trying   treasure   trapped   train   cheese   choose   chink   chew   China 



This week we are starting to look at the mixed up story called 'Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum'. In it there are lots of characters from different traditional tales all together in one complicated plot. By focussing on this we are looking at how well we can recall the characters from previous stories and make predictions about what will happen to them in a new  plotline. 


We will continue our work on doubles and halves and relate this to the early multuiplication we have already covered.


We have a strong focus on scientific investigation this week. We will continue to make detailed observations of our pea plants and say what we think about the changes that have already taken place. In addition to this we will be asking the question 'Do seeds need soil in order to grow?' and thinking of experiments we can set up in order to test this 

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